About ShelfScraper

What is the point of this website?

I hope this website can inform people shopping on a strict budget where and what to buy. Most supermarkets do not allow you to sort by 'price per unit' because the cheapest items make them the least profit. The whole point of this website is to sort by unit and to fairly compare retailers side-by-side.

How does it work behind the scenes?

Every day at 3 am, a script explores the supermarkets' websites looking for products to buy, making a best attempt at deciphering weights/volumes/etc and multibuy promotions. The results are stored so that you can query them quickly.

Who created this website?

It was made by a software engineer with an obsession for saving money.

Why does the website look like it is from the 90s?

I want this website to work on everyone's devices, as fast as possible. Not everyone can afford the latest iPhone, with unlimited data.

I notice some of the search results or units are wrong?

Please do your best to skip over these. Supermarkets sometimes mislabel things and I am trying my best to work out what they really mean. It will improve!

How does this website make money?

It doesn't make money, but running costs are low so it doesn't matter.

Is ShelfScraper linked to MySupermarket?

No, but I was compelled to make this website following MySupermarket's decision to shut down.

I represent a retailer and I do not want our prices on your website

That is disappointing, because this will disadvantage your most vulnerable customers who once relied on MySupermarket and now try to make do with this. Contact me on Twitter if you must :(

Any other websites I should know about?

If you like trains, pretty maps and split ticketing, try faremap. It works best if you have a mouse.